Hitesh is a postgraduate in transportation engineering and management. He has worked for almost five years as an assistant professor in a tier-3 university based out of Rajasthan, India.

A silly mandate from the university to join back in person during COVID-19 forced him to quit. The resignation was mostly to protect his newborn child from a possible infection.

Anyways, the only other thing he was good at was writing. So he combined that with a profound love for digital technologies and started a career as a tech writer.

Things were not pretty at first. Though he tried to look as professional as he could with a website and a blog, it was mostly an uphill battle for him to come out of the general reputation linked with all ESL writers.

To put a number on rejections, there were 200 and then some.

So he made a rule. He’ll only read stuff written by native writers and will relentlessly practice.

You write as you read was his personal mantra to write similar to a native.

And it won’t be wrong to say, yes, it paid off.

His samples started to win him interviews with a global clientele.

These small victories further cemented his faith in his craft.

But he wouldn’t mistake in calling himself a victor, not yet. He might have won some battles, but the war is still on.

And he is out there with research, originality, and creativity as his weapons to win this as a proud ESL writer…